One of the biggest criticisms regarding internet use is that we only look for what we want and filter out the rest. Search engines allow us to look for results by key words, social media sites grant us the capability to “hide” posts from those with whom we disagree and online stores employ filters to show us the exact products that that we want.

The candy manufacturers of today are taking all of this information into account to figure out how to market their products with precision. Since technology is getting better at filtering and suggesting results everyday, it is now vitally important for candy makers that consumers ask specifically for their products.

Another realization that the candy market has come across is that the days of retailer A vs. retailer B are now over. Instead, retailers are partnering up with technology companies to sell their products. Think of Walmart’s partnership with Google and Amazon’s takeover of Whole Foods.

Both of these partnerships have already begun exploring the world of “direct delivery” in which convenience is considered the most important factor. It is clear to everyone that technology is influencing the way we shop.

The retailers of the future are more concerned with saving their costumers time rather than getting them to spend as much time in their stores as possible. By doing this, they manage to create value for their customers and thus make the shopping experience better overall.

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