Melt in your mouth deliciousness! Puff are a company favorite and absolutely mouth watering. Literally! These soft puffs dissolve in your mouth with incredible flavor and tongue loving sweetness. From refreshing peppermint to mouth puckering pomegranate, they are a burst of flavor just waiting to be popped.

King Leo Puffs

Our branded puffs are know around the world for being the softest and most delicious. Using our superior process and premium flavors, we make the best puffs around. You've probably seen our giant tub of puffs around before!! Or maybe you have one hidden away in the pantry. We understand...they're hard to share.

Puff Manufacturing

Looking for someone to help you in manufacturing puffs/soft sugar candy? We are experts in the field and have a dedicated and passionate team who can make your puff dream a reality! Just head over to the contract manufacturing section of our site and reach out.

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