One of the nutritional changes that young consumers are demanding in their snacks is lower sugar content. Because some people perceive sweetness differently, confectioners often opt to add excess amounts of sugar to their products. Sugar has long been believed to be a major cause of diabetes and heart disease.

Recently, a joint venture between Global Biolife, Inc. and our very own Quality Candy Company LLC, gave birth to Sweet Sense, Inc. in Boston. Sweet Sense is bringing to the market a new a solution to traditional sweetening methods called “Laetose.”

Director of Scientific Initiatives at Global Biolife, Inc. Daryl L. Thompson, said the following about Laetose in a recent press release, ‘You can think of Laetose as Sugar 2.0. It is simply more than a low-calorie sugar, but rather a solution to sugar itself in that it was specifically formulated to fight disease. We’ve developed a formula that uses sugar the way nature intended. Laetose tastes and performs exactly like sugar as a food ingredient but it is better accepted by the body.”

One of the issues with sugar is that it sometimes it is not properly absorbed by the body. This is may be another reason why many companies overload their snacks with sugar.

Sweet Sense was able to add something called “insulin-mimetic” to sucrose in order to create Laetose. This naturally occurring compound is typically found in berries and when it is added to sugar, the body is fooled into absorbing it as if it were part of the sugars organically found in berries. The result is a naturally modified sugar that does not contain the same glycemic load as refined sugar or causes the same inflammatory response.

This exciting discovery could be the solution to many of the world’s problems caused by sugar. Adoption of this sweetener could mean lower rates of diabetes and heart disease and snacks that are healthier over all but still taste as delicious.

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