An exciting innovation in the candy industry, we are one of the first to create crushed candy. Perfect for inclusions in baked goods, drinks and more, our crushed candy is a great addition to most treats! Now you can have your favorite candy flavors with all of your other favorite treats.

King Leo & Gilliam Crushed

Available in resealable bags our branded crushed candy is perfect for the DIYer and home cook. Sprinkle, bake, rim, or just eat with a spoon, there's no wrong way to use our crushed candy!

Ingredient Manufacturing

Whether you need inclusions in your beverage line, fast food chain, baked goods or more, we can manufacture the perfect flavorful bits for your business. From crushed hard candy to crushed soft pure sugar candy, we can do it all. Reach out to our contract manufacturing team to learn more about our capabilities and process.

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