Candytopia is the perfect place for anyone that loves theme parks and candy. Though the inspiration for this candy museum is unsurprisingly Willy Wonka and his chocolate factory, Candytopia pays homage to a variety of celebrities and pop culture references.

The mini theme park contains interactive spaces with unique themes. For example, there is a Garden of Eden type space that contains giant flowers squirting familiar candy smells, a tiger and Komodo dragon which are all made entirely out of candy. In Candytopia, candy is the medium that the artists use to transport you to a magical, zany place.

Jacki Sorkin, co founder of Candytopia, confirms this in an article by CNN. “Hundreds of thousands pieces of candy are used to create the 3-D models,” explained Sorkin. Licorice, jellybeans, gummy bears gumdrops are all used to create the artists’ visionst. “We look at candy in a completely different way. It’s art to us,” said Sorkin.

There are currently three Candytopias in the US, one in the Mall of American, one in Dallas and another in Atlanta but I believe pop up versions of it are appearing throughout the country. Keep a lookout to see when Candytopia is coming to city near you.

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