To what extent did people in the past go to enjoy a piece of candy. This is exactly what you’ll find out if you visit the recently opened Sweet tour at the Bulk Candy Store in West Palm Beach, Florida. The tour is a permanent exhibit that started earlier this month and covers confectionary through out history, even going back as far as ancient Egypt!

Ken Shenkman, co-owner of of Bulk Candy Store, put the exhibit in perspective in this article by the SunSentinel, “We go from where there was nothing except literally putting a stick in a beehive and licking it, and that was your first lollipop, all the way up to sugar cane and sugar beets and how that’s processed and how that’s made into modern candy,” said Shenkman.

The tour takes approximately 35-40 minutes and goes in depth into the candy manufacturing and packaging process. For those of you wondering, of course tasting though-out the tour is not only welcome but encouraged.

Candy museums seem to be popping up throughout the country. One of our latests posts covered the increasing popularity of the dream-like candy wonderland, Candytopia. The museum has three pop up locations throughout the US.

When asked about the inspiration behind Sweet tour, Shenkman explained that, “We’ve seen similar things, but we always think we can do better. And, in addition, it’s just something new — times change. People want to see more, learn more. The days of your small corner candy store are gone. You need to be more of a destination for people.”

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