A Healthier Candy

A long time in the making, it's about time candy got healthy! After years in development we are proud to manufacture the worlds first and only 100% Organic, Natural and No Sugar candies. No artificial sweeteners or sugar alcohols are used in the making of these treats! We are thrilled to offer this to our contract manufacturing clients/partners.

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Made from our own proprietary all natural and organic fiber based sweetener, our team is able to formulate candy that licks, sucks and crunches like any other hard candy, but doesn't have a single grain of sugar or artificial sweeteners. This is truly a candy revolution! With a world class team and state of the art machinery we cook our proprietary organic/all natural sweetener down in copper pots and fold in flavoring and color by hand. Then our batch rollers, cutting and wrapping machines take over to produce perfect organic no sugar candies at incredible speed. Need a reliable and trusted partner to fulfill your no sugar candy production needs? Look no further. We have the capabilities, process and team to make your project a success. Click below to fill our our contact form and get started.

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