Contract Manufacturing

Factory2Since 1986, Quality Candy Company has maintained an exceptional reputation for quality, consistency, and food safety. Our reputation has not only secured our position as an industry leader for our own branded products, but as a powerful manufacturing partner.

Quality Candy’s manufacturing facility is strategically located just across the border from San Diego, in Tijuana Mexico. High quality products, excellent customer service, efficient and low cost manufacturing together make us an exceptional value proposition.

Screen Shot 2015-06-08 at 12.35.56 PMQuality Candy Company, LLC SQF Certification Level 3


– Vertical Form/Fill Bagging
– Horizontal Form/Fill Bagging
– Flow Wrapping
– Twist Wrapping
– Hand Packing


– GFSI Certified
– SQF Level 3 Certified
– Allergen Free


– Hard Candy
– Pure Sugar Soft Candy
– Organic Candy
– Non-GMO Candy
– Ingredients
– Private Label Packaging


– SQF Level 3 Certified
– Organic Certification
– Kosher Certification

It’s also no coincidence that the company name includes the word “Quality”.

Founded with the core principle that every piece of our candy is a piece of quality candy, the dedication to the highest quality standards in the industry is one of the main reasons Quality Candy Company stands out as such a well respected confectionery manufacturer. Please contact us to discuss how a partnership with Quality Candy Company can make your project a sweet success!