A New Type of Inclusion

We are always on the forefront of candy innovation, and our ingredient/inclusion capabilities are just that. Innovative. We developed a special process that allows us to take any existing candy/flavor and crush it down into large, medium or fine pieces. With our innovative process, the tiny bits of candy stay separated avoiding any clumping. A perfect ingredient/inclusion for large scale baking, desert manufacturing, drinks and more.

Fine BitsMedium BitsLarge BitsAny ColorAny Flavor

Made from existing candy pieces, our crushed candy is something truly unique. We use our standard candy manufacturing process to create the correct flavor of hard or soft sugar candy. Then we run it through our special crushing machine that sifts out any incorrectly sized pieces, leaving you with only large, medium are fine bits of candy. All that's left to do is add it in to something special! Need a reliable and trusted partner to fulfill your hard candy production needs? Look no further. We have the capabilities, process and team to make your project a success. Click below to fill our our contact form and get started.

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