We’ve written quite a few articles about the demand for healthier and organic snack options. This same demand is helping drive a global increase in snack product launches over the past five years. According to Innova Market Insights, a Netherland’s based research firm, launches have grown an impressive 17% in a five year period.

Also according to the research form, more and more consumers are increasing their consumption of snack products due to the increasing variety in snack options. It seems that consumers are truly hungry to discover new types of snacks, ones that contain more unusual or bolder flavors to those that they are accustomed.

In order to appease consumers, confection companies have been experimenting with the overall sensory experience of their candy. Innova also reported an increase in candy that is an unusual color, candy that pops, spicy and hot candy, cooling effects in candy and more interactive packaging.

Another increasing demand is candy that is easily edible on the go. This means an increase in the production of bite-size candy. According to Innova’s report, there is a 20% growth in new snack launches with “bite-size” as a claim.

This is a very exciting time for private label candy launches. There is no doubt that competition will drive creativity and that snacking will soon be greatly transformed.

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