Though current snack trends seem to be driving companies to produce healthier snacks,There is no doubt that Americans love candy. According to this article, the average American will eat a staggering 25 pounds of candy a year. It makes sense that our love for candy would drive someone to open New York City’s first ever candy museum and how can you come up with a better name than the “Candy Museum?” The 30,000-square-foot candy wonderland will be located on the corner of 20th Street and Sixth Avenue and was founded by Sugar Factory. According to its website, “Sugar Factory is known the world over for its celebrity-endorsed Couture Pops, which have turned sweets into the latest designer accessory.”

The museum will inhabit the space of the Iconic Limelight Club and will incorporate the design of the infamous nightclub’s layout to highlight its installations. According to this article by Forbes, attendees can expect “hundreds of surprising features, such as edible candy murals, live art installations by local artists, and musical performances.”

Sugar Factory plans to open not just one but three different candy museums across the United States. Charissa Davidovici, the Founder of Sugar Factory, explained that “each museum will be built off the same idea but will also have different elements and rooms that cater to their respective locations.” Locations for the second and third museum are yet to be determined. However, the second museum is projected to be located in Los Angeles the following year.

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