Masters of Hard Candy

A staple in around the world, classic hard candies have been a favorite since the fifteenth century! From discs and sticks to lollipops with custom shapes, we have taken the time-honored tradition of candy manufacturing and perfected the process.

Take a look below at a list of our capabilities, and rest assured we don't run from a challenge. If you have a new concept that we haven't done, we have the right team with the right experience to make it happen.

DiscsDropsCrushedLozengesLollipopsBall LollipopsShaped Lollipops& more!

Made from sugar and corn syrup, we have developed a process of manufacturing hard candies that is unmatched. With a world class team and state of the art machinery we cook sugar/corn syrup down in copper pots and fold in flavoring and color by hand. Then our batch rollers, cutting and wrapping machines take over to produce perfect candies at incredible speed. Need a reliable and trusted partner to fulfill your hard candy production needs? Look no further. We have the capabilities, process and team to make your project a success. Click below to fill out our contact form and get started.

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