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We produce a lot of candy! Over 30 million pounds a year to be a bit more exact. In fact we produce enough candy in a year that if laid side by side, it would reach from Henderson, Nevada to Sydney, Australia.

Under our own brands we have 150 different products we produce!!Don't try to imagine the logistics of managing that...you might pull a brain muscle.

There are a few different processes for making our different candies. The primary method for manufacturing most candy is boiling sugar down, adding flavoring and colors, then batch rolling it down to the necessary size. It's a bit easier to show than tell, so check out the video at the bottom of our homepage see how it's done!!

Gilliam Stick candy is now available in 36 flavors! The most popular flavor is a tie between Watermelon & Root Beer.

Every year, customers at Cracker Barrel purchase enough Gilliam Stick Candies that when laid end to end, the candy stretches over 940 Miles!