Wrappers must be amongst the most common pieces of litter that we come across on the street. Not only that, packaging waste overflows in our landfills and continues to pollute our oceans. Every year in the U.S., the paper, glass, aluminum and plastics that we throw away could be worth $11.4 billion if it were recycled! Less than 14% of plastic packaging gets recycled, despite being the fastest growing form of packaging.

Perhaps we should look to Europe for guidance where food companies are held responsible for the packaging that they put out into the world.

Nestlé claims to be releasing the ‘world first’ recyclable packaging for confectionary after it was discovered by its research and development experts in York. The R&D center discovered a way to use a recyclable paper wrapper in a new type of packaging line called “flow wrap cold seal.”

Nestlé’s new range of fruit and nut bases candy bars called “Yes!” will be the first brand to implement the revolutionary wrapper later this month.

In the past candy bar packaging was limited to plastic films of laminates which we’ve already mentioned barely get recycled. The new wrapper is made from recycled paper from sustainable sources that is coated for durability.

As time goes on, we will see if other confectionary manufacturers will adopt a similar process for their packaging.

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