\You may not consider it an important part of your life, or maybe you’re a candy nut…needless to say it’s everywhere and here to stay. No matter what happens in the economy, people buy candy. It’s an inexpensive way to treat yourself no matter the occasion. But that doesn’t mean it’s always a steady flow, and all candy doesn’t sell the same! So what does the future hold for the sweets we all enjoy?

There are a few words to sum it all up. Quality, Taste, Organic and All Natural. A few of those are no secret, but are very true none the less. Perhaps more than ever, people care about a quality product, regardless of how much they’re spending. People want value for their hard earned money. So candy has, and will continue to see, an increase in demand for good tasting and quality products.

The new words here are Organic and All Natural. Over the past 16 years the sale of organic foods has seen an increase from around 5 to over 40 million a year! People like organic products. Customers want to know what’s in their food and where it comes from.

Increase In Organic Food Sales Graph
Image: Statista

With this very steady increase year after year, we will continue to see a large growth in the demand and sales of Organic and All Natural candies and sweets. While you probably won’t see Organic or All Natural M&M’s anytime soon, as these big brands have such a foothold in society they don’t need to change ingredients; you will see small, medium sized and maybe a handful large companies adapting to the demand of consumers and creating these natural products.

Gilliam Organic Lollysticks: Very Berry & Tropical

Here at Quality Candy Company, LLC and brands we believe that the customer comes first, and the more natural, organic and better tasting a candy can get the better!! That’s why we’ve just launched our first line of organic products, Gilliam Organics! First up are our Organic Lollysticks. With two packs of flavor, ‘Very Berry’ and ‘Tropical’ there’s a wide variety of exotic organic flavors to enjoy. We’re excited to join the ranks of Organic candy makers and sincerely believe that these are some of the most uniquely flavored and best tasting organic candies on the planet.

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