If you’re like me, as a child you spent your Halloween night scarfing down as much candy as physically possible. This inevitably resulted in a terrible stomach ache that was my body’s way of teaching me a lesson my parents never did: everything must be consumed in moderation.

Apparently, many parents find Halloween to be a particularly good time to teach their children not to over-indulge. Roughly 90% of parents use the holiday to impart a very important life lesson.

This year the National Confectioners Association is helping parents out with Halloween Central, a digital resource that provides candy consumers with tools to teach them how to balance candy consumption in a healthy lifestyle.

In this article by CandyUSA.com NCA president and CEO John Downs explained, “as consumers enjoy chocolate and candy this Halloween season and seek to boost their emotional well-being, we are helping them manage their sugar intake and provide them with the resources they need to make informed choices.”

Halloween Central will provide trick-or treaters with fun facts about nutrition and tips on balance and moderation. Check out Halloween Central here.

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