Las Vegas isn’t thought of as a place for kids but candy lovers come in all ages. IT’Sugar recently opened their flagship store in the Las Vegas Strip. The store is across from the Bellagio Fountain and is hard to miss considering there is a 40-foot kinetic gum-ball machine on top of it. The machine accurately represents IT’SUGAR as the retailer is known for its giant confections and bright colors. Though there is the first IT’SUGAR on the strip, three others can be found around Las Vegas.

ConfectionaryNews interviewed founder and CEO Jeff Rubin who stated the following, “for many years it has been our vision to open an IT’SUGAR flagship stores on the Las Vegas Strip and we couldn’t be more excited to see our vision become a reality.”

And for those wondering if the strip was really the right place for a candy store, Rubin had this to say, “IT’SUGAR’s indulgent and humorous brand brings out the child in every adult, and is a natural fit to join the Las Vegas Strip.”

Rubin would know best. In 2006, he started IT’SUGAR and wanted it to be an immersive candy experience for all candy lovers. He was able to grow the brand to more than 100 storefronts which now has over 1000 employees across the United States.

Next time you’re in Vegas, keep an eye out for giant gum-ball machines.

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