Things are looking up for Hershey. The confectionary giant increased its net sales by 2.6% to $2.1 m. Significant growth in Mexico and China led international sales to increase by 2%. This is also partly due to the launch of Hershey Kisses in India, though its launch in Brazil has faced some difficulty due to international competition.

All of this has resulted in Hershey increasing its full-year outlook from 2% to 2.5%, and the is before Halloween sales.

In this article by, CEO Michele Buck explained, “the power of our core brands, breadth of our product lineup and incremental capacity are enabling us to deliver great assortments and innovative packaging for our consumers.”

Though impressive, Hershey’s success this summer may not be unique. In the same article, GlobalData analyst Richard Parker explained that other U.S. confectioners have also increased their prices over the summer.

There is no doubt that Hershey and other confectioners are taking advantage of the ever increasing demand for healthier snacks. Big confectioners are also doing their best to adjust to today’s trends. Hershey is one of the companies to look out for as they try to fulfill peoples’ desires for healthy and sustainable snack options.

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