As demand for healthier snacks continues to increase, confectionery brands are evolving to meet the necessary changes. Among those changes are reduced amounts of sugars in products as well as the addition of vitamins and other supplements.

There is a significant call for more functionality in snack products. In this case, functionality means a greater awareness of sensitivity to dairy and gluten products. Dairy free products also mean a new selection of snacks for the vegan consumers.

A lot of health and dietary issues are attributed to the excess consumption of sugar, diabetes and obesity in particular. Some companies, such as the Quebec chocolatier ChocMod’s Snacking Chocolate are leveraging the nutritional benefits and the sweetening properties of fruits in their chocolate.

A less talked about demand is for increased amounts of protein in snack foods. This is likely due to more awareness of dietary issues such as gut health and overall physical well-being. According to FoodBev, “Snack claims around protein saw significant year-on-year growth in 2017, according to IRI. While still nascent, we have started to see some big-names brands capitalizing on this trend, with Cadbury and Nestle both offering high-protein versions of popular chocolate bars such as Boost, Mars, Snickers and more.”

It’ll be interesting to see what other solutions snack companies come up with, when it comes to meeting health demands. Make sure to keep up with our blog!