There are plenty of reasons to celebrate this month. Father’s Day is coming up and those of us in the East Coast are very aware that summer is upon us. However, did you know that June is also a very festive month for candy makers everywhere? This month has the special honor of being designated National Candy Month, a time to celebrate the men and women whose delicious treats have played a part in our lives for many years. I know you probably weren’t looking for another excuse to eat some more candy, but what better way to celebrate National Candy Month?

Those of you in the candy industry may be interested in the latest featured statistics by the U.S. Census Bureau. You’ll be happy to note that Americans sure seem to love candy:

– Americans eat about 22 pounds of candy a year, most of which is chocolate.
– There are over 1360 American firms making chocolate and other cocoa products that sell $16 billion worth of chocolate a year.
– There are 493 locations that make non-chocolate confections that sell $10 billion worth of candy a year.
– Over 61,000 Americans are employed in Candy.
– Over 2.2 million metric tons of chocolate are imported to America each year!

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