It seems that baby boomers are taking a page out of young consumers’ book and curving their sugar intake. Sugar has long been debated as a main cause of obesity and consumers born between 1946 and 1964 are buying more products with reduced sugar content. Not only that, 2 in 5 baby boomers are cutting up back on sweet snacks in general.

This update is the latest revelation from research done by Innova Market Insights, a global knowledge leader in the food and beverage industry. According to director Lu Ann Williams, “Boomers are below-average purchasers of certain sweet products such as chocolate, desserts and ice cream and snack bars. In contrast, they are markedly more important in the yogurt, sweet baked goods and breakfast cereals categories, so these could offer opportunities for sugar reduction.”

Though yogurt manufacturers in the U.S. have offered low and no sugar options for quite a while now, baked goods and breakfast cereals have remained relatively just as sugary. Baby boomers are sure to benefit from the demand for healthier snacks driven by young consumers.

If older consumers are also asking for healthier snack options, manufacturers should take care not to forget about catering to this demographic in favor of millennial and generation z consumers.

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