The confectionary industry in the United States pulls in $35 billion in retail sales every year. It’s also responsible for more than 600,000 jobs across the country. Though people here really seem to love their sweets, recent trends show a push towards healthier snacks. As more people continue to educate themselves about what they’re consuming, the trend is expected to continue.

John H. Downs, Jr., CEO of the National Confectioners Association, is aware of consumers’ demand for healthier snacking options. In an interview with Forbes, Downs talked about educating consumers on how to enjoy sugary treats in a manner that is more conducive to their health. “Our industry and major companies have made a commitment to help consumers and their families manage their sugar intake and still enjoy our products as treats. We call this initiative Always a Treat.”

Always a Treat will bring candy and chocolate companies together with the Partnership for a Healthier America to educate candy lovers and promote healthy eating habits such as portion control.

Another main goal of the initiative is full transparency of labels on packaging so that consumers knows exactly what they are putting into their body. “Our commitment is that 90% of the products will have full transparency on the labels as it relates to ingredients, calories and sugar, ” said Downs.

Hopefully the initiative can help snackers understand that a treat is good every once in a while but maybe not the best idea to eat all the time. All in all, it seems that, when it comes to the confectionary industry, the health trend is here to stay.

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