We’ve mentioned the increasingly popular trend of healthier and organic snack options quite a few times in our previous post. This is a trend that is affecting even the country’s most accessible and recognizable source of junk food, 7-eleven. Although they are found everywhere, 7-elevens are typically not the place to go if you’re worried about healthy snacks. A trip down one of its asiles will great you with a variety of chips, processed pastries candy but the convenience store is well aware of consumers’ demands for healthier alternatives.

7-Eleven plans on transforming itself and shedding its former identity as a mere convenience store full of junk food. In fact, this article by Eater claims that chain has already taken its first step towards its transformation. “In early March, the chain debuted its first “lab store,” a real-time testing ground for new, bougie conveniences, next to a busy Dallas highway, just a stone’s throw away from a tony Italian market and one of the city’s most popular ramen joints. Outside, the store looks largely like any other 7-Eleven, with the familiar signage and gas pumps — until you notice the giant selfie-friendly mural painted by a local artist. Inside, it looks a lot like a Whole Foods or any other sleek modern grocer, with natural wood accents and towers of trail mix ingredients sold in bulk,” describes the article.

Instead of the typical rolling hot dogs and personal pizzas, this version of the 7-Eleven store offers a variety of sandwiches, soups and salads and fruit bowls as a healthier alternative. Not only that but there is also a small restaurant, sit down cafe and small patio off to the side of the store. The restaurant is called the Laredo Taco Company, a south Texas company that has been selling breakfast tacos on the go for years. It might sound bizarre to have a restaurant in a 7-Eleven but in 2018, 7- Eleven acquired Stripes convincing store chain and Laredo was a part of that acquisition.

Not only that, you’ll also find that the asiles of this 7-Eleven look nothing like the ones in the rest of the country. They are filled with a variety of options that are sure to satisfy any gluten-free, paleo, vegan or organic eater that enters the convenience store.

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