Who hasn’t stumbled into a 7-eleven after a night out and stocked up on a bunch of snacks that you’ll pay for in the morning? The popular franchise can be readily found throughout the country and most people wouldn’t associate with healthy eating but that may soon change. 7-Eleven Inc. has introduced nearly 100 new food and beverages that are meant to provide food options for its health conscious customers.

It seems even 7-eleven is aware of the importance of healthy snack options for millennial and generation z consumers. The launch of new foods and beverages is part of a campaign known as “Sips & Snacks That Love You Back.” The campaign features items from 31 different brands that cover kept, palea, vegan, organic, gluten-free and plant based snacking options.

“When our emerging brands team created this unique product assortment in collaboration with our category managers, the goal was to give customers drinks and snacks that they might not expect to find at a 7-Eleven store,” said Chris Harkness, vice president of new business development for Irving, Texas-based 7-Eleven in this article by CSPdailynews. Harkness understands that customers are demanding healthier options and claims that in the past 7-Eleven has been on the leading edge of these food trends.

A big advantage for the convenience store is that it is open to buying from up and coming venders, most of which are trying to break through in the healthy snacking industry. “7-Eleven is always on the lookout for innovative companies who have a fresh take on a product, a healthier alternative or a unique flavor that might become the next big food trend. We are eager to see how these brands perform on our shelves and look forward to hearing directly from customers about these new items in the assortment,” said Harkness.

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