There have long been concerns about processed sugar and the impending tax does not bode well for the classic sweetener. Today’s consumer, primarily millennials, are driving demand for healthier and organic snack options, including candy. The insistence for sugar-free ingredients means that candy has the chance to revolutionize it’s image as a healthy snack.

Today’s candy eater wants to enjoy a treat and not have to feel guilty about the excess fat and sugar but how does one create a sweet confection without high amounts of sugar? On top of that, the candy must also be free of any artificial ingredients, including coloring agents.

Everyone’s heard of sugar-free gum but boiled sweets are healthier alternative to traditional sugary candy. The hype around functional candy (candy that also serves as a source of vitamins or other nutrients) is another trend that we’ve talked about recently and both of these types of candy are ideal functional carriers.

Another permissible treat on the rise is dark chocolate with a predicted 3.5% rise in sales of dark chocolate by 2021 in comparison to the growth rate of 2.3% in regular chocolate. Dark chocolate is certainly not free of sugar but the presence of flavonoids and antioxidants have made it a guilt free treat for some consumers.

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