Can you believe it has already been two weeks since Halloween? Now that it is well after Halloween we can finally check out which treats dominated sales for the holiday. Every year, puts out a survey to see which candy is most purchased by stat and every year, I am astonished by the amount of states that consider Candy Corn the king of all sweets.

This Halloween, Candy Corn was once again a multi-state favorite. Ohio, Alabama, Iowa, New Mexico, Nevada and Idaho. In total, 787,949 pounds of Candy Corn were purchased in these states during halloween.

Another peculiar winner multi-state winner was Salt Water Taffy. Two states, Washington and Nebraska, bought close to half a million pounds of the classic candy.

The states that purchased the most candy over all were unsurprisingly California and Texas. California bought over 1,600,000 pounds of Skittles to hand out this Halloween and Texas followed with over 1,100,000 pounds of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.

Generally, people purchase a lot of Candy Corn during Halloween so it’s starting to not surprise me anymore. However, I was truly surprised by the 100,000 pounds of Lemon Heads in Louisiana and the similar amount of Red Hot Tamales that were purchased in Indiana.

It’s always interesting how people’s candy tastes vary by state. Next year, lets try to get some of our candies on the board. Make sure you visit the and keep up with our blog for more candy news!