With Father’s day right around the corner, you may be thinking about what role your dad played in your life when you were growing up. Having a good relationship with your dad when as a kid may actually be an indicator of how successful you will be when you’re an adult! If you grew up to be successful, maybe second guess gifting your dad yet another pair of socks.

For example, did you know that there is a correlation between those dads who did chores growing up and what their daughters picked as career goals? Apparently dads doing the dishes after dinner and pulling their weight around the house was the strongest predictor of girls’ career goals and attitudes toward traditional gender roles, according to a study published in May.

Many of us were told bed time stories by our fathers in order to get us to fall asleep and give them a moment of peace but apparently these tales might also play a role in raising intelligent kids. A recent study shows that parents who were better story tellers had children with better vocabulary and higher test scores.

Did your dad ever rough-house with you? It seems playful wrestling between dads and their kids helps build an incredible amount of life skills. Benefits include being able to evaluate risk, problem solving skills, learning your limit and being able to manage excitement and aggression. If you’re a dad and you’re reading this, just make sure not send your kid to the hospital!

Pregnant women need to watch what they consume when they’re pregnant as to not affect the development of their baby, but a 2013 study shows that fathers may need to start watching what they consume as well. According to the study, “male mice with insufficient folate, or Vitamin B9, in their diets produced offspring with nearly 30 percent more birth defects—such as spinal and cranial deformities—than mice with sufficient folate.” Therefore, having a father who lives a healthy life style may contribute to why you’re so awesome.

There you have it, just a few more reasons why you should be especially thankful of dad this Sunday. And if you haven’t gotten him a gift yet, make sure to pick him up some candy from the Qcandy Store. Don’t forget to keep up with our blog!