There are many excuses not to start your own candy company but a teenager from Walled Lake, Michigan is proving that age is not one of them. Alina Morse is only 14 years old but already a candy giant. This year, she crossed the 25,000 mark for the number of stores that currently stock her candy, Zollipops, in the US alone! Not to mention, Morse also sells her candy in China, Korea, the UK and France to name a few.

Morse was able to surf the giant wave created by the current trend for healthy and organic snack options. When she was 7, she was offered a lollipop while visiting the bank with her father. Her father warned her that candy would rot her teeth. She then asked, “Why can’t we make candy that’s good for your teeth?” It might seem like a silly question that a child would ask, but Morse pursued it until it became a reality.

Morse created a lollipop that is meant to change the PH level in your mouth and now, instead of rotting your teeth, the sugar-free sucker promotes oral health.

The young business owner isn’t stopping there, she’s expanding her selection of teeth-friendly candy by adding “Zollidrops”, “Zaffy Taffy” along with a new line of caramels and jelly beans.

Morse jokes that her new goal is to earn her driver’s license. Given her tenacity, I’ve no doubt that she will accomplish it.

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